Vorträge von Prof. Tiwari und Prof. Mohan

Prof. Geetam Tiwari and Prof. Dinesh Mohan gave lecutres on 22 March 2018.

"The relocation of the urban poor in city planning and social exclusion"
Most policies have focused the need for affordable decent housing and ownership of land and access to basic amenities. However these policies have missed the strong link between housing location-access to livelihood-affordable transportation options and activity patterns of low income households. A subsidized public transport does not address the time poverty faced by many households and the flexibility required for multitasking-combining household chores with employment. Policies continue to strengthen social exclusion in the name of development.

"Kashmir - what's happening there?"
The people in the state of Kashmir in India have been unhappy with their political and social situation since 1947 in general and since 1990 in particular when the violence in the valley increased dramatically. The sources and reasons for the violence that has continued till date are complex and at present seem intractable. Even though the valley today has one of the highest presence of armed forces per capita in the world the violence is not under control. Dinesh Mohan visited the valley with five other colleagues to understand the present situation and he will describe what they saw and understood.

Prof. Geetam Tiwari is the MoUD Chair Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering and Coordinator TRIPP at the Indian Institute for Technology Dehli. Tiwari has written, edited and contributed to various books in the field of urban transportation systems, road safety and injury prevention.

Prof. Dinesh Mohan is Distinguished Professor at Shiv Nadar University, Gautam Buddha Nagar, and Honorary Professor at Indian Institute of Technology Dehli, where he worked from 1979 to 2010. He is currently Director of the Independent Council for Road Safety International (www.icorsi.org).

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